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Technology and innovation are at the heart of everything ESA does. That’s why our range of gadgets has been specially designed to solve everyday technology conundrums, from our popular astronaut USB sticks, thermos mugs to cosmic umbrellas. We also have a wide range of quality bags and rucksacks to meet all your needs, whether it’s a trip to the gym or a voyage of discovery.

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137 products found

  1. Eco-can
    SKU # EC04BK000000
  2. Proxima patch
    SKU # PCPRX04BL000
  3. Horizons patch
    SKU # PCHR04BK0000
  4. Mug with launchers
    SKU # MGSTS0400000
    Mug with launchers
  5. Ariane 5 model
    SKU # A5MOD0400000
  6. Astronaut patch backpack
    SKU # BPAS04BK
    Astronaut patch backpack
Set Descending Direction

137 products found

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