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Minerva Patch Backpack

Minerva Patch Backpack

Carry your books like an astronaut with this backpack featuring an embroidered Minerva mission patch.
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The Minerva mission is ESA astronaut Samantha Cristoforetti’s second expedition to the International Space Station. The name of the mission takes inspiration from the Roman goddess of wisdom. During her mission, Samantha will support science and research in microgravity to advance our scientific knowledge on Earth. The design of the patch represents the sacred owl of Minerva, whose eye symbolises a yellow Moon, casting a white glow over a round Earth. The owl’s beak hints at the shape of the International Space Station and the two lines represent Samantha’s two missions to space. Waves of ever darker blue make up the body of the owl and encourage us to move farther into deep space. The owl looks to the right, to the future of space exploration. 

Technique: official embroidered Minerva mission patch and transfer printing of ESA logo.

Product Info
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Colour Petroleum blue
Material 100% polyester (600D)
Collection Alpha
Astronaut Thomas Pesquet
Design technique Embroidery
Material 100% polyester (600D)
Dimensions and weight Dimensions: 42 x 32 x 21 cm. Capacity: 18 litres